Accentuate Your Positive focuses on accentuating what you already have in your home and making it a positive.

Your home is a reflection of who you are and often can reflect how you feel.

When you walk in to your house, how do you feel?  Do you feel sad or blue? Cold?  Stressed?  Over stimulated?  Disorganized?  Dated?  Tired?

We can help!   You would be surprised to see how a few quick and inexpensive tweaks in your home can make a big difference in how you feel when you walk through your door.

Some things we can help you with:

  • Spacelifts – Redesigning a space or your whole home using furnishings and decorations that you already have.  We’ll shop your house!
  • Just the Basics – Organizing your space to be more functional.  Can’t find stuff?  Clutter got you down?  We’ll put the fun back in functional for you!
  • Top Dollar Staging – Staging your home – getting it ready to sell.  You want your buyers to feel great walking in your home too!  First impressions are everything.  This is usually less expensive then your first price reduction if you had a bad first impression when it hit the market.
  • Where Do I Put This – Move In Consultations – we’ll help you decide where to put your couch, dishes, dining room table, a junk drawer or anything else when you move in (or even many months after you move in J).  We can help your new space feel like a home.
  • Closet Combat – we’re going in!  If you have clothes from the 1980’s mixed in with the “good stuff” or something you know you bought but can’t find, this is for you!
  • Collection Containment – Showcasing that special collection without it taking over your home.  Collections are great, but after every friend and relative gives you something with an owl on it because you said you like owls, your owl collection can turn into a frightening scene from “The Birds”.  Together, we’ll take your favorites and give them some prime real estate in your home.
  • Color Correction and Light It Up – Color and lighting consultations – you would not believe the dramatic changes you will feel just by making a change to your color scheme and adding some lamps.  Want that homey feeling?  This is for you!
  • Holiday Decorating – we’ll go through those boxes and accentuate your home for the holidays!
  • Getting Your Party On – Party decorating – we’ll take your serving ware, shop your house and set the stage for an awesome party while you sit back and relax before your guests arrive.

Weather permitting, we can tackle any outdoor needs as well.  How you feel when you drive up to your house is just as important as how you feel when you walk in that door.  Curb appeal also sells houses!

Wanna do it yourself?  No problem.  We can offer consultation(s), follow with written advice and guidance and then let you do the “heavy lifting”.

We also offer shopping services.  If you have something in mind, but don’t know where to shop or don’t have the time to shop, no problem!  We do.

Something else that is not listed?  Just ask!