Melinda Bomar

IMG_0048 I’ve watched more hours of HGTV, TLC and A&E than I care to admit.   My grandmother managed estate sales so I grew up understanding the concept of reuse and recycle.  So many estate items and / or garage sale items ended up furnishing our home.  I arrange and rearrange my furniture as a hobby and is a great outlet for stress relief.  Seriously, over and over an over.  There is always something new and different after a rearranging.  I can’t tell you how many times I want to move and then do some rearranging and organizing only to find that I love my home again.  Friends say I have an real eye for this kind of thing, so here I am hoping to share my “eye” with you and help you fall in love with your home again.



From my friend Ann M.:

Melinda has a true talent for decorating and organizing rooms in your home so that you can live your life comfortably while welcoming guests and making them feel at home. Melinda is able to see how things go together…things you may look at for years, but never knew how much better they’d look if they were positioned another way or maybe even in another room. She took a walk around my house to use things I’ve already purchased. I only bought a few new things! Now my rooms are organized and feel relaxing at the same time!!

From my friend Nicole S.:

Melinda’s talents are untouched and she can always utilize what you currently have at home and make it stylish and relaxing. She will create what you want that signifies a happy place for you and your guests. She is a beauty of a personality and has a rare and raw talent for organizing and decorating. Her talent is truly amazing and always welcome in my home to help me again! You are missing out if you don’t allow her into your space to decorate and organize!

Everyone Else

Most things I will do by rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty.  This is the fun and satisfying part for me.  However, sometimes what you need may call for getting out the “big guns”.  With almost a decade in the triangle area, I have built many connections to help with just about anything you may need in your home.  I only use contractors that I have used in my home or my friends have used in their homes or businesses.


I’m a dog person.

Muppet the Carin Terrier - Corgi mix.

Muppet the Carin Terrier – Corgi mix.

Mumford the French Bulldog - Boxer? mix.

Mumford the French Bulldog – Boxer? mix.